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            Hefei armed police detachment

            Arsenal Hefei detachment of the new building project EPS power project for the Nakagawa brand, after fierce bidding competition, Nakagawa company in the final seven brands stand out, won the number of power EPS emergency power supply of the successful project.
            The main building content is the office building, auditorium, training hall, garage (gas station), police through squadron (hostel, single apartment) barracks, the main building content of the office building, auditorium, training hall, garage (gas station) And health team (car squadron) barracks, a building area of 37269 square meters, estimated investment of 146.9787 million yuan. The project started in August 2008, the project design unit for the China Academy of Fine Arts Landscape Architecture Design and Research Institute, the construction unit for the Anhui three construction Engineering Co., Ltd., the supervision unit for the Beijing Zhonglian Central Construction Engineering Management Limited.
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