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JJW Precision Purity Stabilizer

Model Packing SizeLxWxH (cm) N.W (kg)
1kVA 15x34.5x22.5 11
2kVA 16.5x40x31 16
3kVA 20x43x38 28
5kVA 20x48x38 35
7kVA 24x48.5x52.5 45
10kVA 24x48.5x52.5 56
15kVA 28x55x57.5 85
20kVA 28x55x57.5 87
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A.C. precision purity regulated power supply is a new , high-performance electronic A.C. regulated equipments, which applie s KUPA doctor's theory and Asymmetrical Digital Subscriber Loop volander net whi ch integrates multi-functions such as purity regulation and anti-disturbance. They are of wide range in regulation, fast speed in response, high precision in regulation etc. They can prevent all kinds of noise and disturbance and t hey are the first choice for A.C. regulated power supply at present. A.C. precision purity regulated power supply is 614 series electronic A.C. regulated power sup ply and ideal substitution regulated power supply. More often than not, the electrical equipment is damaged for lack of power. Power experts have pointed out about 80% of computer malfunctions are caused by A.C. power supply directly or indirectly. Therefore, the power supply must be improved to ensure the safe operation of electrical equipments. The product fulfills the requirements in such places for its spurious characteristic. The product can be applied in the following fields: the department of scientific research, university, corporation, hospital, broadcasting station, communication equipment, traffic system, testing equipment and automatic production equipment.  

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Specialize in power and fire protection electronic products


Our products passed CCC, SGS and CE certification.


OEM all kinds of our products according to your requirements.


We have an excellent design team service for each of our customer.

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