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company news

The company won the title of outstanding overseas Chinese enterprises in Wenzhou City

The afternoon of August 16, entrepreneurs Association Congress in Shangri-La Hotel, Wenzhou, Wenzhou City held General Assembly for Zhejiang koner new Chairman Weng Yin Qiao as the fourth President of the Wenzhou Chamber of Association, Binhai Grand Hotel, Chairman Feng Dingxian 15 people such as Executive Chairman of Wenzhou World Trade Center real estate development co Ltd Chen Yongkun supervisors, Tao Qingdong Secretary.

Was also elected Vice President of the Conference, Deputy supervisors, Executive Director, Huang Xiansheng, General Manager of our company Wenzhou entrepreneurs Association Executive Director-elect. Conference also commended the entrepreneurs venture award, outstanding overseas Chinese enterprises in their hometowns, the outstanding overseas Chinese entrepreneurs and outstanding units and individuals, Nakagawa's company was awarded the "outstanding overseas enterprises in Wenzhou City" title.

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