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our history

Jonchan Group

Our History

    Our History

  • 1987

    Yueqing Zhenhua regulator factory was established
  • 1988

    Shanghai Zhenhua regulator plant (SBW high power plant) was established
  • 1996

    JonChan Group was established
  • 1997

    Renamed the Nakagawa Electric Technology Co., Ltd., the same year Nakagawa UPS plant put into operation
  • 2003

    JonChan trademark was rated as Zhejiang famous brand
  • 2004

    JonChan headquarters moved into modern office building - Nakagawa Building, the same year in the Sichuan EPS power plant,
    Chassis factory, the main parts factory put into operation, greatly enhance the comprehensive competitiveness of Nakagawa brand
  • 2005

    JonChan new technology products are included in the national Torch Program
  • 2006

    JonChan power products were rated as brand-name products in Zhejiang Province
  • 2011

    JonChan branch and headquarters moved to Nakagawa Science and Technology Park
  • 2012

    JonChan company was rated as state-level high-tech enterprises
  • 2014

    Municipal enterprise technology research and development center
  • 2015

    China's fire industry's most influential one of the top ten brands
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