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service system
To the headquarters of the service center - regional technical support center - around the customer service center as the basic structure of the Nakagawa three service system, covering mainland China provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities, Nakagawa service agencies at all levels of network has more than 100 professional engineers, Users to provide expert-level quality service.
tertiary maintenance system
Level 1: JONCHN  headquarters service center
Level 2: Regional Technical Support Center
The third level: around the customer service center
high-quality personnel team
JONCHN  more than 100 experienced certification engineers to professional technology, user-friendly services, to bring you a new follow-up service experience.
advanced hardware and software service facilities
On the basis of the 400 free hotline for users, Nakagawa set up a new enterprise call center (enterprise call center) and website QQ customer service platform, to provide users with pre-sale advice to after-sales technical support for all-round remote service, and through efficient Network operation management system, to provide users with more convenient way of communication and service channels.
efficient and efficient spare parts operation system
JONCHN  all over the country's spare parts / spare parts center (three service systems are equipped with a certain amount of maintenance of the main parts), can ensure that users in the shortest time to get a fast on-site response, effectively shorten the maintenance cycle.
A) after-sales service hotline: fire electronics 18858867373 Mr. Ye; traditional power supply 15057777975 Mr. GanSecond, the sales hotline: Fire Electronics Division 62789939/62773555; Power Division 0577-62777123
Third, pre - sale technical support: 0577-62789939 / 62773555 
1, after-sales service Genius, nationwide no matter where you purchase, can get the same standard of service.
2, in the big machine series and the project's quick commissioning / opening service (minicomputer to telephone-based way); all product line of all-weather consultation, guidance services (by telephone, website customer service QQ, etc.).
3, the high-power models, engineering products to field-based services, free telephone consultation (hotline 400-077-1677).
4, after-sales staff assignment mechanism: A) large machine series and engineering products for the 7 × 24 hour assignment mechanism; B) other product line for the 5 × 8 hours of assignment mechanism.
5, the service network online window support platform: www.1afghan.com
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